Kris in Canada.

Seriously… If I see one more post complaining about the fans in the airport…/cannot continue

From what I see, no one is bothering him. He has a good amount of space, and he doesnt look like he is uncomfortable at all, so why are you all going cray? These guys rarely come out to these places, so wouldn’t you want to see him? Okay, I understand he is out for personal issues, but as of now… no one is invading his privacy. ITS A DAMN AIRPORT. ITS A PUBLIC PLACE. its not like people are taking pictures of him with his freaking family in a private. I’m just annoyed… that’s all I’m seeing on the Kris tag, and im over it. So stop whining and bitching about it, they are not freaking pouncing on the man. 

I’m not even in Vancouver, but I feel bad that people are bashing on those people at the airport, esp because they are harmless. 

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